Intelligent Video Analytics

We empower military and security personnel to see the unseen in live and forensic imagery.




Phelps2020 began its pursuit for superior computer vision solutions in academia, found a need for its capabilities in the federal and military space and is now providing answers to a multitude of commercial entities in need of computer vision solutions.

Our scientists possess a unique depth of expertise across a range of specialties rarely mastered in combination: Hardware Architecture, Optics, and Computer Vision.

We are passionate about using this expertise to transform video into insight for our clients.

For both internal development and acquisition, Phelps 2020 provides its technical knowledge in the form of feasibility assessments, technology roadmaps, market surveys and industry reviews, ensuring that clients apply their resources effectively.



Phelps2020 helps clients solve unique video enhancement issues through services such as custom developed algorithms, intelligent integration of existing hardware (FPGA, GPU, CPU), and configuration of industry solutions.

Algorithm and Hardware Design

Data Aquisition and Testing

Phelps2020 provides data collection services and set-up in any environment. For existing video solutions, we also provide testing and evaluation services which benchmark solutions against industry standards to identify deviation.




  • Crystal is a plug-n-play, small form, hardware solution (FPGA) that accepts video signal as input and returns an enhanced version for viewing or processing

  • Crystal merges a dozen different functions to intelligently correct a spectrum of video quality issues 

  • Crystal requires no configuration as it moves across different environments


  •  LucidView is an API plugin that integrates with existing video viewing systems to automatically enhance images, video streams and video clips in real-time

  • LucidView can be activated with a single click and works with all cameras across a range of environments

  • LucidView can also be provided as a stand-alone application with its own GUI for forensics outside of existing systems.

View results developed by Crystal and LucidView:



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